‘We Are The Leaders Of Today’

9 Dec

This is cross-posted from the Sky News blog

I am here with the UK youth delegation to the UN climate talks in Poland.

With only four days of negotiations left 15 of us got together from all over the UK, self-organised, fund-raised and travelled overland to get here because we wanted to see progress at these talks. No such luck.

The fact that our Government is the first to have passed a climate Act is truly incredible – now it’s time to stop talking the talk, and start walking the walk.

We have been really disappointed over the past 10 days to see the UK failing to lead on the EU climate and energy package and even pushing for at least half of their emissions reductions to come from offsetting.

It is too excruciating to just sit on the sidelines and see these men in suits negotiate our future.

We, as youth, are not the leaders of the future, we are the leaders of today. Our time is now.

It is too awful to see a few developed nations disregard the needs of small island states, indigenous peoples, developing nations, young people and countless others and then congratulate themselves on coming to a successful political compromise.

So, let us stand together, in solidarity, and make our voices heard.

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