Welcome to my new blog!

10 Aug

Hallo! Thanks for visiting my new blog. If I could give you tea and biscuits to help you enjoy your stay, I would, so just know that. I created this blog because recently I have found myself writing stuff for a few different sites and plan to do more, so I thought it made sense to collect all my thoughts in one central spot. So far, I have mostly written about environmental and social justice issues (you can check out my past blogs in the archives), but I like other stuff too, so come back for your crafty / feminist / pretty things / music fix. I will be tweaking a few things as I go along and get used to all this stuff, and would love to hear your feedback – so leave comments or get in touch at hannamade@gmail.com, it would be great to hear from you!

hanna ♥

One Response to “Welcome to my new blog!”


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