Drink, Shop & Do

11 Aug

Today, along with Laura from Otesha, I went to the newly opened “design shop and café bar” in King’s Cross – Drink, Shop & Do. Full of retro furniture, chintzy crockery and cute crafts – it was so nice, I decided I wanted to live there. We’ll see how progress goes on that front. In the meantime, I’ll have to make do with hosting a monthly Otesha craft night there! So exciting. We’ll be making recycled tetra pak wallets for our first craft night on 2nd September, so come on down and join us – there’ll be cake!

hanna ♥

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  1. Drink Shop & Do – a new kind of consumer experience « In through the outfield - October 4, 2010

    […] After having been open for only eight weeks they are still on a steep learning curve, and suffering from the traditional startup’s lack of sleep. They have a long to do list they are starting to work through, including putting a location map on their website and starting a blog. Although they do have a presence on Facebook with ??? friends. And have had some excellent reviews from bloggers (Drink, Shop and Do Review – didyoumakethat – handnamade) […]

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