Super Sunday

15 Aug

This is the first installment of the weekly Super Sunday feature! Doesn’t it sound… super? I’m aiming to introduce a couple of features over the coming weeks. If there is anything you are just dying for me to write about on a regular basis, just let me know in the comments below! So back to the matter at hand, Super Sunday is all about looking back over the week and picking out those things (one for every day) that make me happy and that I think are super. Simple. Simple Super Sundays.

1. I love Nan Lawson’s illustrations. This one bears an uncanny resemblance to me here dontcha think? I want it!

2. I went to see Earthquakes in London at the National with my friend Robin on Friday night. It covered climate change, the coalition government, burlesque and time travel. I thought it was brilliant (apart from some sketchy futuristic cheesiness at the end), incredibly well-staged and so well acted. Especially Bryony Hannah in the role of Peter.

3. My new espadrilles. It’s like wearing slippers outside.

4. The monthly Market Days craft fair that happens here in Stoke Newington is seriously super. I just realised I will have moved by the next one! Oh.

5. I found this picture here yesterday, apparently it’s from a 70’s sanitary towel advert. The expression on her face makes me laugh hysterically. The slogan on her tshirt makes me laugh in that bitter way that old people do when they ruefully shake their heads and tell you you’re going to hell in a handcart. LOL.

6. In honour of number 2 on my 4 simple goals list I’ve been collecting inspiration for my new flat. I love this photo, apparently the sign cost less than £20 to make and is made of cardboard, paint and stickers. Amaze.

7. The man at the front of the picture is Clayton. He is an amazing activist from the Mathais Colomb Cree Nation in Canada, who works as the Tar Sands Campaign organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network, amongst a gazillion other things. I made a short film featuring him last year in Copenhagen, and was lucky enough to meet him earlier this year. He is truly inspirational. This weekend, he and others from indigenous communities around Canada who are being affected by the tar sands, took part in a Healing Walk in Fort McMurray, home to the Athabasca oil sands. They are suffering from highly elevated cancer rates, disruption of traditional ways of living, the threat of relocation and yet they still have the strength to stand up in the face of massive corporations and of all things, heal. Superheroes.

p.s photo copyright of Stop the Tar Sands

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