A nice bit of skirt

18 Aug

This is Jo who I work with at The Otesha Project – she came in today and announced that she had MADE this skirt she is wearing out of old material squares that she found. Isn’t she cute?

We have a running joke that Jo is very good with her hands, but it’s true. She didn’t follow a pattern, she just “made it up” apparently. Unfortunately, I believe her. The mind ACTUALLY BOGGLES. I’m going to make her take it off tomorrow so I can inspect it thoroughly, never mind if that isn’t office decorum.

By the way, in the background of the pictures is our carpark garden! We use our allotted parking space to grow tomatoes, basil, rocket and rosemary, amongst other things, cos that’s how we roll.

hanna ♥

2 Responses to “A nice bit of skirt”


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