Shake Your Money Maker

19 Aug

I made this video earlier in the year in support of a week of action against the tar sands. Loads of people have no idea that their own money is being invested in shitty projects like that. The deal is, if your bank doesn’t have an ethical policy, it means that they have a legal obligation to make as much money as they can for their shareholders. Unfortunately, the most money is generally to be found in fossil fuel extraction and the arms trade. So, put simply, your bank is legally obliged to invest in climate change and war. Put simply, it’s completely mental.

BUT – we can change that! By switching to an ethical account. If you got your A Level results today and are off to uni this autumn, you could think about getting an ethical student account. If only because when people get really smug about their gap yahs, you can double smug them with your understanding of worldly issues and individual impacts. Yah, yah.

And then I chundered EVERYwah.

hanna ♥


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