Super Sunday

29 Aug

I am back from bonny Scotland and in the comfort of my own home – woo hoo! After a week in a sleeping bag at Climate Camp and with the Otesha Land’s End to John O’Groats tour, I slept for an amazing 12 hours last night. Rock on. So after a little bit of offline living, we’re back with Super Sunday.

1. Edinburgh has some amazing vintage shops and I endeavoured to rifle through a few of them. Check out Armstrongs and Herman Brown. They’re quite pricey but fun to look around anyway.

2. I did get this bargainous watch though! Never again will I have to rifle through my bag for half an hour and get my phone out of its case just to find out what the time is.

3. I had the best couple of days up in Wick with the Otesha Land’s End to John O’Groats tour. I was a bit apprehensive of seeing them again, especially as the tour I had organised for them involved 93 mile days with three heavy bike trailers – I thought they might be baying for my blood! But au contraire, I have never seen a group of people in better spirits! I have much respect for them having travelled together for 8 weeks non stop, and coming out the other end stronger, fitter, with lifelong friendships made and some pretty amazing life plans in the works. When they reached John O’Groats, after 1345 miles, the sky cleared and a rainbow broke out above them! It sounds absolutely hippie/ridiculous but it’s true and I’ll post the photographic evidence when I can get my hands on it! I felt like the Double Rainbow man – WHAT DOES THIS MEEAAANNN??

4. I mentioned the flamenco that I saw at Edinburgh Fringe in my last post – here are some pictures. The shoes! The moves! I wonder if they have flamenco in Brighton…

5. I spent A LOT of time in the Forest Cafe in Edinburgh while I was there – delicious falafels, cakes, free wifi and entirely volunteer run which is pretty admirable. Also good memories – 5 years ago I produced the rock musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the fringe and sang at a gig with the crew at Forest which was, to date, one of the most rock star moments of my life.

6. I am ordering my copy of the film, Whip It, today! It’s a film about the all-girl sport, roller derby, directed by Drew Barrymore and starring Ellen Page of Juno fame. I loved its message – girls can get rough and tumble, be covered in tattoos, be competitive and all that jazz. I got so enthralled by roller derby afterwards that I went to see a London Rollergirls game (photo above) where there were quite a few girls hobbling round on crutches!

7. Mad Men yourself! Arggh, this is the best thing ever. If you are obsessed with Betty, Don, Peggy et al, go and Mad Men yourself. Check me out strutting through Sterling Cooper!

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