Super Sunday

5 Sep

I made it! I am alive, in Brighton and successfully finding wifi access in my new, absolutely wicked local, The Open House. Hoorah. So here is my sweet selection of favourite things from this week.

1. A homage to my home for the last 8 months, Flat Irresistible, that I’ve been sharing with Anna Collins. It’s been grand. The late night chats, broken windows, listening to Miike Snow on repeat, the too-many-bikes in the hallway, the smell of spray paint, even the horrible boys upstairs – I will miss you!

2. And onwards to my new home – Brighton! Yay. I don’t think it’s going to sink in that I’m not just on holiday for a long while yet. I’ve been wandering around the North Laines today with my family and it’s all just rather… AMAZING.

3. General bike lovin’. Check out this beauty I saw when popping out for lunch earlier this week.

4. My mum is a big Michael Ball fan (and if I’m honest so am I, hello, he was in the original cast of Les Mis). So when my friend Cress said she was working on his new chat show and could get us tickets we jumped! We sat right in the front row and saw Richard & Judy, Dom Joly, McFly, one of the Corr sisters (just one), Simon Callow to name but a few and it was hilarious. Clapping and whooping nonstop for 3 hours was a bit less hilarious, but we threw ourselves into it as you can see (that’s my mum, brother Jamie and sister Lauren).

5. I already blogged about the video I made with Josie Long but I didn’t tell you how much I loved doing it! She is ridiculously nice and game for anything, even filming in the pitch black at the very top of a possibly-structurally-unsound-rhino-siege-tower with a police cordon round it and a bike light flashing in her face. So thank you Josie!

6. My friend Lewis (the one that isn’t Tom Hanks) was my saviour yesterday. As one of only two Brighton based friends, he picked up my house keys yesterday, helped me unload the van when I arrived, and then took me out to an amazing 80s night. It had some choice tunes, Big, Back to the Future and The Breakfast Club playing on a projector and vintage clothing stalls. Note to self: do not go vintage clothes shopping again when drunk.

7. How weird is that?

Picture from weheartit


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