Super Sunday

12 Sep

1. Wednesday was my last day at Otesha as Programmes Manager (although I’ll be back on a part time basis in a couple of weeks time on the exciting new Gear Up programme – more on that to come soon). Jo got me a sweet leaving present – a pattern to make my very own Charlie Angels’ outfit? Anyway, I’ll have a crack at it! It would be amazing to be able to make a shirt. Although it does upset me that people used to wear waistcoats like this.

2. I’ve seen Kate Tempest at every festival I’ve been to this summer. She is a spoken word genius who actually made me quite teary at Latitude and her band, Sound of Rum, is super fun. It was great to see them again at Bestival this weekend. Check them out.

3. Recently I’ve been following a blog called Seablanket which features different vintage, handmade and vegan baking tidbits – basically right up my street. The author is called Chelsea and I LOVE her tattoos. I think they are my favourite ones I have ever seen. I wish I was brave enough to get something like this.

4. Here are the “Before” pictures of my flat! Look how chintzy it is, blimey. But, Reader, you will be AMAZED when I’m done with it. At least, I hope you will.

5. I have mentioned Mountain Man before, but I actually saw them live at Bestival this weekend and they were the only band that sent shivers up my spine. Horribly talented.

6. Talking of leaving presents, Anna made me a very beautiful one. It’s the picture above, spray painted onto a Jane Fonda record sleeve. It sounds weird but it’s great. The writing says “No one is free until all of us are free” which is a line from a workshop I run on anti-oppression. I love it. As you can see, somehow the picture also ended up spray painted on a wall in Stoke Newington. I have no idea how it got there.

7. I read today that Ed Miliband is inching it over David in the polls for the Labour leadership. I’m pretty pleased and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he gets it. I first met Ed in 2008 in Poznan at the UNFCCC and again a couple of times earlier this year. He had really developed in his ideas and general patter during that time and although I by no means think he is revolutionary, he really did listen to us as UK “youth” concerned about climate change and I can only hope he would take that into his leadership role. You can see me here scaring the bejeesus out of him at our youth meeting with him in January where I rap about him being dead. I know. It may be as bad as I make it sound, you can be the judge.

hanna ♥

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