Flowers on a doomy day

15 Sep

I am sitting in my new flat and am online! That means I officially live here now. Whoop. Although I had quite a doomy day here on Sunday – a nightmare journey on the way back from Bestival which ended in a rail replacement service bus dropping me off in I don’t-know-where. This resulted in me tearily (I was tired and emotional) waving down a cab and being driven 7 mins around the corner to my house. I really can’t wait to get to know this city better. A combination of this and general overwhelming-ness at starting over in a new city, new course, new life added up to general doom. But then my mum sent me these flowers to brighten up my day yesterday. PRETTY.

I went out and bought a hammer, some nails, some plants, some fabric to make curtains and have really enjoyed being a DIY queen today. I can’t wait to take pictures and show you all. I bought clipboards too as per goal 2 in my 4 Simple Goals challenge!

Night night,

hanna ♥


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