Prosperity without growth

8 Oct

This week I started my MSc in Climate Change & Policy at Sussex uni. I am very excited and slightly terrified at the same time. Interpreting graphs does not come naturally to me. I’ve been doing some very interesting reading though around the idea of whether continued economic growth in developed countries is compatible with sustainability (my gut instinct is no…) and I have to give a presentation on it next Tuesday (why do I always have to put my hand up? I need to learn to calm down!).

If you’re interested in learning more about it, read Tim Jackson’s Prosperity Without Growth, Bjorn Lomberg’s Skeptical Environmentalist (chapter 15) and Tom Tietenberg’s Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. See? You don’t even have to pay to go to Sussex, you can just follow this blog and do the reading!

Anyway, entirely by chance this morning I came across Sarah Illenberg‘s magical photographs, which I think capture part of the question beautifully.


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