Girl Swoon #10

23 Oct

This is Sylvie, she is a top gal I met through Otesha who draws hiLARious cartoons and other awesome stuff which I will let her explain below. I have been nagging her to be a Girl Swoon for ages so I’m so glad she caved in! Definitely check out her website – I love her Big Society series of comics especially.

Name: Sylvie

Age: 24


1) What do you do and why?

I’m an Information Officer at the Centre for Alternative Technology, Europe’s leading eco-centre (A). I also draw comics (B). Other interests are:

Graphs (C), Non-violent Direct Action (D), Cutting and Sticking (E), preserving (F), The Otesha Project (G), This Is Rubbish (H), proper organised dancing with moves you have to follow (I), Ultimate Frisbee (J), sewing (K) and Being cheeky to policemen (L). I’m basically a mash-up of 90% of past girl swoons. They do far greater stuff than I so I was very flattered to be asked. Ta.

2) Does being a woman affect your work in any way?

It probably helps somehow but we’re all the same at the end of the day aren’t we? Most people I meet at work are brilliant but occasionally a member of the public assumes I don’t know what I’m talking about because I’m a young woman. I’m ashamed to admit that when they subsequently enquire about my qualifications and I let slip my engineering background I get a little perverse kick out of their face because it does this.

Oh god that’s awful isn’t it?

3) Are you a feminist?


4) What are your future plans?

More of the same. Comic songs, animations and linking preserves to political issues (M).

5) Tell us one cool thing we don’t know already:

The power you get from a wind turbine is linked to the cube of the wind speed – this means that if you have twice the wind speed you get a whopping eight times the energy. So bigger turbines aren’t just better, they’re loads better. Clever folk are even making them float. Magic.

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