Super Sunday

24 Oct

1. Best youtube video ever – Bronte sisters power dolls! If only they actually existed.

2. I saw this yesterday pasted up in the window of a kids’ shop in Brighton and isn’t it absolutely heartwarming? You can just imagine Harrison’s right-on parents being like “You want a skate park? Then we’ll campaign for a skate park! Google Uncle Sam”. You can sign the petition here if you want to support Harrison!

3. I was drawn to this shop front, thinking it was some vintage-y, antique-y furniture shop, but it was an actual hairdressers. It can’t have changed since the seventies. I’m dying to go back when it’s open but I’m afraid that if I try to it will have gone, like it was some temporary wrinkle in the time/space continuum.

4. I have found my spiritual home. It is Handmade Brighton, a little non-profit, cooperative shop on St James St which rents space out to local makers and crafters. I’m going to try and get some space in December and get my craft on!

5. This video is amaze. For those of you who don’t necessarily follow Californian politics (I’m kind of A LOT obsessed with US politics in general), Prop 23 is possibly the most significant piece of legislation on climate change and clean energy this year. The campaign for Prop 23 is being bankrolled by oil companies and funders of the Tea Party movement. The intention is basically to cripple the clean energy industry. It’s at times like this that I WISH I was American so I could just get out there and canvas, because if this goes through, it will set a precedent for the US, which sets a precedent for the world. We will never, ever, ever get a global deal on climate change if basic, stupid legislation like this can get through in California. You can donate to the No on Prop 23 campaign here.

6. Look at this giant cupcake! You can get it from the Angel Food Bakery in Brighton. It’s my birthday next month. Just saying.

7. I shared photographer Hana’s Switcheroo project a few Sundays ago, and there’s more! So here’s an update.

Have a nice Sunday folks,

hanna ♡

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