In honour of the US Midterm elections…

2 Nov

I bring to you a list of celebs who have donated to the Democrat and Republican campaigns! You’ll have to indulge my love of celeb gossip this one time.



Danny De Vito – $145,700

George Clooney – $57,700

Madonna – $41,000

Jennifer Aniston – $30,800

Sarah Jessica Parker – $26,800

Cameron Diaz – $26,200

Ben Affleck – $10,900

P Diddy – $3,000


Kelsey Grammar – $18,000

Jon Voight – $8,100

Adam Sandler – $2,100

David Blaine – $1,000

Prince – $1,000

Heather Locklear – $1,000

Can I just say – et tu, Adam Sandler? Et tu, Prince? Et tu, FRASIER?

But go Danny De Vito! And anyone who wasn’t on Team Aniston before, get on board.

Fingers crossed for the elections. If you’re in California, go vote NO on Prop 23!

All stats from NewsMeat

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