Get Yourself Seen

4 Nov

I received my first twitter death threat yesterday. Perhaps it is a sign I am going up in the world? Anyway, this was in response to me tweeting about the Bike Train in Brighton, which is a super cool way for me to get to uni in the mornings. Safe cycling with a group of people on a very busy road, with jazz being played on the speakers! Very civilized. So I was kind of bummed to think someone was so incensed by this sensible approach to safety that they would want to run me over and potentially shoot me. I reported it to twitter and the police though because I am completely overreacting to teach him a lesson. So there.

ANYWAY, in the spirit of safe cycling, here is an AMAZING retro video abut hi-vis vests I found over on the Otesha blog. As the nights draw in, get yourself seen!

hanna ♥

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