Pop pop portraits

5 Nov

I am coveting all these illustrations by pop pop portraits. Very cute and fashion-y, and I love it when people make up little stories to go with their art work.

Meet Lily. She is studying to become a chocolatier at Valrhona: École du Grand Chocolat in France. She misses her home dearly but she is also having the time of her life. Lily has met a lovely french boy, Alex. They eat cheese pastries and macarons together and invent new albeit somewhat weird chocolate flavours.

Naomi is on her way to see her boyfriend James. They've been together for around three months and she thinks he's pretty special. They've been on approximately 32 dates, each one fun and exciting - her favourite moment being the late night supper he made for her after they went to the She & Him gig last month. I think it's safe to say Naomi is completely smitten.

Isabel is on her way home from a trip to Barnes and Noble. She's been having one of those lazy days where you sleep in til 10, you don't have any appointments, chores or errands and you spend all your time looking through fashion magazines and eating cake. I love those days.

Stephanie's favourite season is Fall. She's already played dress-ups planned her outfit accordingly. She also imagines listening to the rustle of the leaves beneath her feet whilst she's walking through the park.


hanna ♥

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