Super Sunday

7 Nov

1. Love these pictures from the Ballerina Project – sooo pretty. It just makes me wish ballet wasn’t confined to the theatres and could come out on to the streets like hip hop.

2. And speaking of dance, I started street dance lessons this week (and breakdancing next week! oh god..) which are hosted at Brighton Youth Centre. The centre is covered in amazing graffitti, like this one. I had an idea a while back to make bags and tshirts that said “How to be a domestic extremist” and I think this image would be perfect for such a venture! I shall have to try and get in touch with them.

3. Saw the Kids Are Alright on Tuesday – so good. Julianne Moore is such a dreamy actress and Mark Ruffalo is just dreamy.

4. Loved looking at the 100 best signs at the Rally to Restore Sanity And / Or Fear hosted by Jon Stewart of the Daily Show over in Washington.

5. Loving this girl’s style from The Sartorialist. It’s all about mahoosive eyebrows.

6. I’m reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X at the moment for book club – completely fascinating. I have to say I only had a vague awareness of who he was and had absolutely no idea he was assassinated by his fellow Black Muslims, so it’s a real history lesson.

7. Last weekend I went on stage with Josie Long and the Craftivist Collective to sew patches for the Bed In project (more to come on that). Because it was nearly Halloween, we wore “the scariest costumes ever” – masks of Mugabe, George Osborne and Rupert Murdoch. Mwahahaha.

hanna ♥

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