Super Sunday

14 Nov

1. This week has been pretty super in terms of protests! No more apathy, innit. Paul O’Grady is hilarious about it in this clip (around 3:20) – ‎”I cannot condone chucking fire extinguishers off a roof, no…use’em as a battering ram on doors!”…. (via @caspertk)

2. Pretty picture from the French student protests. This makes me want to be French so bad. She’s protesting in heels for god’s sake!

3. Whoever invented this is a genius. Although I hope they ate it all afterwards, we don’t want to waste food now.

4. The Oxford English Dictionary has started a super campaign called Save the Words which asks you to adopt a word to stop it falling out of usage. I’m adopting “squiriferous” – having the character or qualities of a gentleman. You can adopt one too!

5. It’s the run up to Christmas! And everything is sooo shiny. I love it.

6. a) I woke up this morning to a repeat of the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice on the telly! WILL THE SHADES OF PEMBERLEY BE THUS POLLUTED? Amazing. Sorry for the overload on Darcy pictures, it’s just that Colin Firth is totally squiriferous.

6. b) In searching for Pride and Prejudice pictures for this post, I came across these two gems. A 40s poster for P&P starring Laurence Olivier and the Marvel Comic version of Elizabeth Bennett – who knew?

7. I went to my first breakdancing class last Thursday! And then I went straight to another street dance class. It was amazing but now I am having real trouble lifting my arms. In honour of becoming a b-girl, I give you the best dance scene from a movie ever (bar Dirty Dancing obvs) – Step Up 2.

hanna ♥

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