Super Sunday

21 Nov

1. Uh, the new Harry Potter film is brilliant. Ignore the reviews, I cried my eyes out (which is a good thing in my book).

2. It was my birthday this week! I am now 27. I really like this idea of making a list of 27 things to do before 28, so blog on that will come soooon.

3. Anna gave me a fantastic-looking book about vintage glamour, feminism and history. As Cheryl Cole would say, that is right up my street (or, that is reet oop mah street).

4. Toast music. Pretty super.

5. I love these illustrations by Evan B Harris. Inspiration for new tattoos…?

6. I saw Four Tet at Coalition in Brighton. I don’t usually go for electronic stuff but this was quite entrancing.

7. I hosted a Green Jobs roundtable on Friday, for those interested in creating green employment opportunities for young people in East London. It went pretty well! More info to come on that next week!

hanna ♥

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