Super Sunday (on a Monday :| )

29 Nov

1. Hello! I just got back from a really super lovely weekend in Oxford with some of my favourite people, hence my not keeping on top of my blog days! But it was definitely worth it. We ate (oh, how we ate), we went round the Ashmolean museum, we listened to this song about 700 times in various forms, we cycled, we had a book club on The Autobiography of Malcolm X, we bundled in sleeping bags, we chatted about climate change and feminism, we took lots of photographs and were just very silly. Essentially my perfect weekend. Hoorah!

2. I was totally blown away by some of the stuff in the Ashmolean – this is part of an Iranian tile from, uh, back in the day. I had just never seen anything like it.

3. I saw Chico and Rita this week, great film, beautiful animation, fab music.

4. I also saw my sister in her school production of Fame on Friday night! She is second left in the front row. *proud*.

5. I am subsuming Music Monday into Super Sunday today so here we go – my good friend Josh Solnick, aka Murmur, has made this track on the education cuts. It’s fab, so please have a listen and share if you like it. You can also see him in the flesh at monthly night, Word is Born.

6. My flat doesn’t have a washing machine which you would think is a pain in the arse. It kind of is, but it also makes me feel very self-sufficient in a tough New York kind of way when I go there. I can’t explain it, but I really enjoy it. So here is a picture of Rachel Weisz in a laundrette. I suspect I don’t look like this when I do my washing, so be grateful I didn’t make the man behind the counter take a picture of me.

7. This video is amazing. I’ve been having crazy dreams recently and I quite hope I have been doing some bed-swimming and dancing as a result.

hanna ♥

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