4 Simple Goals – mega update no.1

1 Dec

All the way back in August, I set myself 4 Simple Goals to complete before 2011 rolled around. I gave a little update in September, but it’s high time for another one, since we only have a month of 2010 left! So this week, I will be posting on each of my goals.

I have had the most fun with this goal – to wear lipstick. Some might say it was frivolous… and I don’t have a comeback to that. But I am truly a convert, I don’t think I will ever not wear lipstick again! It makes looking in the mirror that much more fun, and also adds a layer of intrigue to see whether you have got it on your teeth, clothes, cheek etc.

Here I am wearing Russian Red by MAC and I have to say, it goes on like a dream. I have also tried Rivoli by Chanel and the texture is a little too creamy for my taste. Now, someone get me a beauty editor job at Grazia, stat.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates 2, 3 and 4 later this week!

hanna ♥

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