Super Sunday

5 Dec

1. My first term at Sussex has only one week left, and Brighton is really beginning to feel like home. If you need proof that Brighton beats London hands down (especially in the snow) just LOOK at this hilarious video filmed just 10 mins away from my house!

2. I’m quite enjoying how this picture of me I posted earlier in the week….

…looks JUST LIKE this illustration by Kris Atomic.

Now all I need is a christmas tree.

3. In September, I was lucky enough to be invited to be a “Green Dragon” at the Wipe Out Waste Awards, where I got to judge the efforts of lots of students from across the UK in making their schools more green. If you like the sound of cute kids and me trying to be like Duncan Bannatyne et al, check out the video!

4. Listen to Google Translate beatbox! Pretty super.

5. There are some beautiful pictures here of protests that have happened all over the world over the past month. I thought the shot above was incredible – she is an activist from the Iranian women’s rights organization “Femen”, taking part in a rally to support Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani.

6. Check out the UCL Occupation showing off their moves! Love it. How do they still look so pretty? That’s what I want to know.

7. I had an amazing cooking experience this week. It was about a foot of snow and I didn’t want to try and walk to the shop to get food, so I had reconciled myself to a dinner of cereal. But, lo! A thought struck me, I rifled through my cupboards and I ended up making a pea, prawn and lemon risotto! I know this is not unusual in any way for a lot of people, but reader, it is rare that I cook anything without a recipe and it is rare that my cupboards are full. It was the best risotto I ever made as well! In celebration, here are some of my fave cooking blogs:

Everybody Likes Sandwiches

Une-deux senses


No Thank You Bite

hanna ♥

Image via weheartit


2 Responses to “Super Sunday”

  1. Jonny December 9, 2010 at 11:58 pm #

    As if you don’t LOVE cereal for dinner

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