Super Sunday

19 Dec

1. OH.MY.GOD. To fully appreciate this video, you need to know the backstory which you can read here. In short, this guy proposed to his girlfriend by arranging to have this video shown as a trailer at their local cinema and he used muppets which look just like them! If you don’t get teary, I have my suspicions that you might not be human.

2. My new favourite tumblr –  fuck yeah sylvia plath. Poems, quotes and pictures of the lady herself.

3. Amazing online christmas card from web designers, Torchbox.

4. I don’t have my own christmas tree, but if I did I’d cover it in vintage tea cups, like this one.

5. Not very seasonal, but I love this video, even if it does advertise an American department store. Also (climate science fact) did you know that there are scientists out there whose sole job is to create clouds inside?

6. The Joy of Stats. I missed the full-length show on BBC4, but this is an incredible visual demonstration of how wealth and life expectancy has increased over the past 200 years.

7. I found this image on fashion photography blog, Caroline in the City. I liked it because it was quite a good visual representation of how I’ve been feeling about my work this week. That big wolf thing? Yeah, that’s my essay on personal carbon trading right there. Right, 4 hours till Sunday is over! 2000 words to go. In the word of Mr Darcy (in the BBC adaptation of Pride & Prejudice, not the actual book), I shall conquer this!

hanna ♥

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