Super Christmas Sunday

26 Dec

Merry Christmas! Hope you all had a splendid day, I am feeling pret-ty full.

My super seven this week are:

1. Finishing my essay on personal carbon trading. Wooohooo! It only took me about four gajillion hours.

2. Meeting Jon Ronson at Josie Long’s christmas party! Awesome. He is very nice. Read my favourite Jon Ronson article here.

3. Finding out I’ve got a place on a research trip in the spring to San Francisco! (That was my good news the other day). IPPR are organising it and we’re going to be visiting lots of people and organisations who work on green jobs, which will be invaluable for my work with Otesha and for my dissertation too.

4. Getting to have Christmas lunch with my grandparents and learn all sorts about our family history. Don’t ask me about Uncle Andy.

5. Getting Miranda series 1 from my brother for Christmas. Such fun! Plus lots of other lovely pressies.

6. Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.

7. Documenting Christmas Day…

hanna ♥


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