Super Sunday

30 Jan

1. This week has been SUPER cold, no jokes. I am officially out of love with winter, it’s overstayed its welcome. To warm up after a day outside yesterday, I listened to this amazing Fuel Theatre podcast by Kazuko Hohki which is part of the Everyday Moments project. This one was meant to experienced in the evening, in the bath (cue hilarious antics trying not to drown your ipod). It was really beautiful, I’d definitely recommend it, and I do love the idea of recreating all these mundane moments.

2. I saw both Black Swan and The King’s Speech this week. Black Swan was brilliant, if admittedly the most stressful experience of MY LIFE. The King’s Speech sees Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle (from the BBC P&P) reunited, so I was happy. He also needs to win that Oscar.

3. I met up with a girl from the super cool network So We Stand, who work against environmental racism and support local communities in standing up for themselves against injustice. Check them out, hopefully I’ll be getting involved in some way sooooon…

4. I’m a big fan of this jumper, worn by Tavi Gevinson of Style Rookie. I’ve put in a request to my knitting friend to make me one, but I think she may have to be bribed more extensively.

5. Wondering what exactly happened during the climate change negotiations in Cancun? No? Well… anyway, here’s a truly excellent video made by UKYCC which explains it brilliantly with the aid of hand puppets.

6. Brill picture doing the rounds from the Egyptian protests.

7. Been thinking this week about the coming year – what’s going to happen and what I want to happen. Nothing wrong with a little dreaming…

hanna ♥


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