Super Sunday

20 Feb

1. I went for a scrumptious afternoon tea with my friend Nick on Friday at Metro Deco. It’s like a cafe and an antique shop met and had a baby. My kind of place.

2. Nick and I also went to see Sleigh Bells play this week! I’ve seen them before and they were just as good the second time. However, I think it’s grossly unfair that Alexis Krauss gets to be Alexis Krauss and I don’t get to be Alexis Krauss. I think I am obsessed with her.

3. I have bought a ukelele! And for my first challenge, I am going to learn Umbrella by Rihanna. After I learn how to tune it, that is.

4. It was my Grandma’s birthday this week and I bought her a tub of this Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. I’ve been using it on my lips overnight and it has transformed them from a chapped mess into actual, normal, human lips.

5. I think these are getting close to my perfect beds. I like the idea of having a bed island. Both designed by Jimmy Schonning. I also very much like the idea of living in Sleepless in Seattle. Adorable.

6. I saw two plays this week – Greenland at the National and Phantom of the Opera! Both quite traumatic, yet uplifting in their own way. Highly recommended!

7. Read a great article from New York Magazine – Why Fashion Keeps Tripping Over Race.

What is it like being the only black editor, designer, publicist in the room? I recall walking into a luncheon at the Joseph Abboud showroom some years ago. I was the first to arrive, and a white valet waited in anticipation of the guests. I said hello. He nodded but said nothing, and did not offer to take my coat. Within moments, however, a group of white male colleagues arrived, and I watched as the valet immediately jumped into action, checking their coats and bags. I waited, and when it seemed he had no plans to come to my aid, I finally said, “You can take my coat now.” Without comment, he did. Did he think I was a delivery person? The help? Or was he just hopelessly distracted and unprofessional?”

Worth a read.

hanna ♥


3 Responses to “Super Sunday”

  1. Nicole February 20, 2011 at 8:18 pm #

    A ukulele! How funny. I only associate them with old men and songs about cleaning windows 🙂

  2. tricia February 21, 2012 at 7:51 pm #

    “umbrella” was one of my first songs I learned on the ukulele 🙂

    • hannamade February 21, 2012 at 8:05 pm #

      that is such a coincidence, I was literally just looking at the chords for that last night!

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