Feel-good Friday

25 Feb

Today has just been one of those days. I overslept so had to run out of the house with no time for a shower. On the cycle in, it was so foggy my mascara melted down my face and I didn’t notice until an hour later, my seminar on electric transport was ridiculously depressing (in short, it doesn’t matter how efficient our cars get, it’s the number of cars on the road that matters) THEN I came home and dropped my wretched mascara down the toilet by mistake, couldn’t find any tights in the shop in my size, I lost one of the earbuds on my headphones, the supermarket was all out of the ingredients I needed, the tattoo shop said what I wanted was impossible, my proposed essay title was rejected AND THEN I banged my finger really hard exactly where I cut it last week! Bah!

BUT after a mini-rant on twitter, the lovely Nadia Kamil made me this picture!

Which will teach me not to write off a day in despair, as there is always a surprise awesome around the corner! I love it. Thank you Nadia.

Other feel-good things I came across today, in case you’re also in need of a shot of awesome:

1. Pictures of clouds taken from 4 miles up. Don’t you find looking at things like this puts everything in perspective?

2. A jelly-wobbling machine. I don’t know why.

3. The Sesame Street take on Mad Men. I ♥ it.

Sigh. And there’s still a few hours of Friday left.

hanna ♥

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