Super Sunday

27 Feb

1. I bought a shiny new backpack this week – look how pretty it is! My old one was so old, not only did it have tons of holes in it, it had a designated pocket to hold a DISCMAN and straps for a SKATEBOARD. Needless to say, those days are ovah. I wanted something that would withstand my upcoming trip and that would hold my laptop – success! And if you’ve ever wondered what a rucksack looks like doing a striptease, these photos are it.

2. Robin came to Brighton and totally got a tattoo! I think it’s so lovely. The tattooist was Adam Sage at Into You, who does them all by hand (no tattoo gun) and incidentally, I completely fell in love with him. (Adam if you’re reading this, I’m really great. I can provide excellent character references.)


3. While Robin was down we cooked up a scrumptious storm with my friend Nick. Heart-shaped brownies and dinner courtesy of Ottolenghi (his cookbook Plenty is a.may.zing).

4. I saw the much-hyped Frankenstein at the National yesterday – incredible set, incredible acting by Jonathan Lee Miller (sadly, Benedict Cumberbatch was understudied) and I was pretty riveted. But weaknesses in the supporting cast and some strange directorial decisions (a weird flamenco between the creature and his imaginary bride sticks in the mind) stopped it from being as thrilling as I’d hoped.

5. Breakfast meetings are pretty super. Had one this morning over a veggie fry-up, orange juice, croissant and hot chocolate. Exciting plans and breakfast just seem to go together. These mouth-watering pictures are from the excellent blog entitled Breakfast. Not that I spend time looking at other people’s breakfasts… no, definitely not.

6. How lovely is this photo from a UK Uncut action last week? And how exciting that there is now US Uncut and Canada Uncut! This is how change happens…

7. Excellent article about how to be a woman in a boy’s club – Can’t Be Tamed: A Manifesto.

hanna ♥


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