Radiation levels explained

15 Mar

Of all the things I have seen, this visual depiction of what dangers different radiation levels pose has really clarified for me what the situation is for both the people battling at the plant, and for my dad in Tokyo. It is currently 400 mSv an hour at the plant.

I also love how cute this is. Got to love the Japanese.

One Response to “Radiation levels explained”

  1. bayer alexander January 28, 2012 at 5:41 am #

    the average current radiation in Tokyo – Yokohama area = this is where most foreigners live is 50 nano civerts prh.
    can someone count out what this means? like per month of living in Tokyo?
    i understand that there are nano, milli and single civerts. (yes, they do not exactly correspond to rads and rems and other measurments but japan agencies measure in civerts – so stick with civerts!)

    everything else is total crap to me living in japan. Thank You.

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