Super Sunday (on a Monday…)

21 Mar

Woo. Busy weekend! Just got back from an epic few days seeing one of my bezzies up in Sheffield, then coming back down to do a workshop on the WWF Common Cause report today in London. At last, I can get down to writing this in front of Glee. Hoorah!

1. Seeing my friend Sam in Sheffield was super. I wished she lived closer.

2. I made some truly excellent pumpkin muffins this week. And I still have one left! Yeah.

3. Kirsty Schneeberger wrote a thought-provoking post on the gender balance within the DECC 2050 pathways debate.

4. I bought an eyebrow pencil. I don’t want to say it’s changed my life, since that would be stupid… right?

5. I am so excited about this. The East London Green Jobs Alliance mission statement is up!

6. I can’t drink caffeine, so am becoming well acquainted with a range of weird compensatory drinks. Step forward Yannoh! A coffee substitute made of hazelnuts, rye and chicory. Sounds weird, but tastes good (in an admittedly weird way). Best enjoyed with a red velvet cupcake from Hummingbird Bakery…

7. Such a great article by Byron Hurt. Why I am a Male Feminist. Essential reading.

hanna ♥

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