Super San Francisco Sunday!

10 Apr

Why hello there! sorry all has been quiet on the home front – head over to the Otesha blog to check out my musings on the green jobs scene in California.

For the fun stuff, look no further! For San Francisco was incredibly, beautifully, amazingly super. I miss it already.

1. I went through the requisite beatnik period in my teens, so it was brilliant and nostalgic to visit the old haunts of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan et al. I bought two hefty books in City Lights bookstore. My luggage was labelled “heavy” on the way out of SF. Oof.

2. I went to Sing-a-Long Wizard of Oz at the Castro Theater. Best experience of my life. No exaggeration (just a little).

3. I cycled over the Golden Gate bridge! Super!

4. I was lucky enough to be in town at the same time as the Stand With Wisconsin rally. I went along with a friend from UCU, the British union, who was also on the green jobs trip. We had so much fun chanting along in american accents and desperately trying to remember the best chants to bring home!

5. Walking around the Mission district is like finding treasure around every corner. Hidden down alleyways and side streets are some of the most beautiful examples of street art I have ever seen. Many of the murals detailed struggles that the hispanic community in particular have faced in their history, and still face.

6. I ate A LOT in San Fran. Oof for the second time.

7. I had the most amazing couchsurfing hosts – Eloise and Vi! They took me out to the local dive bars, for mexican food, for crowded photo booth pictures. They were great and made my first couchsurfing experience so easy. I also met so many other wonderful, friendly people out there – beautiful city, beautiful citizens. I will be back!

hanna ♥


One Response to “Super San Francisco Sunday!”

  1. Rachel April 11, 2011 at 8:48 am #

    San Francisco is one of the best cities on earth, I came home with a stack of books from City Lights – I just couldn’t help myself.

    You couchsurf? It would be really interesting to hear your experiences of it

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