Super Sunday

18 Apr

Oh hai! Things have been looking a little thin on the blog front lately, partly because I have been schlepping around the world and have no idea who I am anymore or what time it is. It isn’t even Sunday where you are. Sheesh. I said goodbye to my dad today and am now in New York! I did not intend to take this crazy route (completely crossed wires with airline booking system) and am really quite embarassed about it :s but here I am. So let’s do a Super Sunday.

1. Check out this INCREDIBLE collaboration between cellist Yo-yo Ma and crunk dancer Lil Buck. Crunk is like proper magic.

“What starts as personal choice born out of self-esteem – a bit of self-pampering because you’re worth it – can grow into a terrifying network of conventions which is bigger than any of us. Luxuries can morph into necessities; choices, however initially eccentric, can become rules.”

2. I did rather enjoy this week’s David Mitchell article.

3. I dyed my hair in Tokyo! I don’t have any good pics of it yet, but you can kind of see it’s brown with the light bouncing it off it here. Like.

4. Hilarious (and true) blog – Advice From A Rapper.

5. I booked a long weekend in Paris in June! I’m going with my sister the day after she finishes her A-Levels and it should be uh-may-zing. So excited.

6. Some super actions have been going on back home this week! I am just sorry I couldn’t be there 😦 Check out what the Craftivist Collective, Climate Rush and UK Tar Sands Network have been up to.

7.  This picture makes me happy. (via @presentcorrect).

hanna ♥

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