Super Sunday

16 May

1. I just got back from seeing Snoop Dogg at Brighton Dome! Quite hilarious.

2. This is awesome. I want to deliver this rap at my graduation. That should be fine, right?

3. The guys over at UKYCC sneakily uploaded this video of me talking about green jobs as part of their Push Europe campaign. I had really liked this outfit, but now think it’s on the wrong side of girl guide/hobo. Hmmm…

4. I had a really good banana and chocolate chip cake today. I didn’t take a picture of it though, so here’s an even more excellent carrot cake muffin I had in brooklyn. yum yum yum.

5. After being ill for 3 weeks, being put on antibiotics wasn’t super as such, but it was pretty good. (image from weheartit).

6. This trailer for new film Schooling the World really blew my mind. So many important questions for development.

7. Generally catching up with friends old and new was really nice this week. Ahhhh.

hanna ♥

p.s. I forgot to say last week that I watched Brief Encounter for the first time and it was incredible! Watch it, if only for the accents.

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