Super Sunday

29 May


1. Last night I was lucky enough to go for dinner where there was a) homemade foccacia, b) homemade mushroom ravioli, c) homemade apple tart, d) homemade elderflower cocktails, e) disco lights, f) friends, g) nicki minaj on the radio, and h) some serious debating about religion. YUM. Still digesting (both the food and the debate).

2. I saw The Mountain Goats play at Brighton Coalition this week and they were AMAZING. One of the best acts I’ve seen live, I think. John Darnielle’s lyrics are just incredible. Happily, someone has uploaded some of the songs from the gig. This was my favourite of the night.

3. Is it weird that I find the pictures of Ed Miliband and Justine Thornton’s wedding ridiculously cute? They look like Mr Bingley and Jane Bennett! (And he is definitely a Bingley. Sadly, there are no Darcys in the UK government).

4. Amelia Gregory tweeted this picture of these bicycle biscuits from Harts Bakery in Bristol earlier this week. They are immense.

5. Sarah Duff is a South African historian who has written the very interesting and thought-provoking post, Whose Slow Food? It definitely relates to and has added to my thinking around supermarkets, and the relationship between women’s work and environmentalism.

6. Tom Hanks and Amy Poehler both gave brilliant Class Day speeches at Yale and Harvard respectively this week. Why don’t we get A-list celebs speaking at our graduations, eh? EH?

7. I finished the excellent book Boxer, Beetle by Ned Beauman this week. Ridiculously original, incredibly mad, slightly uneven but well worth reading.

Right, I am off to make some brownies. Should take the edge off those two applications I have to write this evening…

hanna ♥



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