Super Sunday

3 Jul

1. Glastonbury, as mentioned in my last post, was incredibly super. I was there as part of the panel for the Green Jobs and Sustainable Futures debate that was scheduled on Saturday in Billy Bragg’s Leftfield tent. I think it went really well, 150 people turned up (and stayed!), we got some good questions, and I got to talk about my work with the East London Green Jobs Alliance. Best bits though – Emmy the Great also being on the panel, staying afterwards to hear her and Billy Bragg sing, and the debate getting a brief mention in Tim Dowling’s column for the Guardian!

2. I am going to post some more pics later on this week, but Paris with my sister was so much fun. There was badly spoken French, cocktails at the Ritz, croques monsieurs, long walks, boat trips, book shops, the Eiffel Tower and macaroons. Beaucoup de good times.

3. We also had the fun adventure of meeting a crew of Parisien dancers and acrobats. They were amazingly talented and a couple of them are in this parkour (or free-running) video which shows them in the Forum des Halles. It’s made me reflect a lot on what makes good art, and what makes good protest. Of course, these aren’t necessarily the same thing, but both seem to require people who are willing to end their complicity with the norm, to take a moment to show others the inherent absurdity in the way we live, and what a different world could look like. Inspiring.

4. I have become a bit obsessed with photo booths, but we don’t have any of the old-school good ones in the UK. I have found this fun website though (cue me being incredibly silly in my living room).

5. Love these cameos carved from Oreo cookies! By artist Judith G. Klausner.

6. I was in Stoke Newington today and dropped by a local school fair with some friends for the tea and cake. One corner of the playground was devoted to loads of mini placards, in preparation for the “Mischief Makers Protest March” that was going to take place later in the afternoon. The kids had been encouraged to make placards about things they cared about and they were absolutely brilliant, ranging from the eco-warrior-in-training “Save the Tiger”, to the cute “I Love Golden Syrup”, to the weird “Don’t Destroy Daleks Dr. Who”, to the plain heart-breaking “Don’t Leave Mum”. The best had to be the massive “Let Children Teach” banner! A gorgeous idea all round, I wish I could have stayed to see them march around the playground.

7. A new Hummingbird Bakery has opened up near my offices off Brick Lane. Massive yay.

hanna ♥


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