Super Sunday

17 Jul

1. I am quite enjoying this tumblr – hippie kitchen. The pictures kind of remind me of an Otesha cycle tour! It’s debatable if that’s a good thing, ha.

2. I saw Harry Potter! Great. I also read this fab Ms. Magazine post on Hermione Granger and the fight for equal rights.

3. I had my first Spanish class this week which was very exciting. I can’t really say anything yet to wow you with my abilities, but I am having fun looking at my illustrator friend Jack Noel’s blog, Spanish in Sketches (he’s learning it too).

4. I caught Hofesh Shecter’s show, Political Mother, at Sadler’s Wells this week. It’s been described as a hybrid between rock gig and dance show, but it’s incredibly hard to describe as I had simply not seen anything like it. It was fantastic. This Guardian review sums up the theme really well, “In Political Mother, Shechter returns to his most characteristic theme, puzzling over the mechanisms of state and society, but his focus here is on the ways in which ideals of camaraderie, duty and service can be annexed and brutalised by a repressive power.”

5. I had a delicious meal at Rasa in Brighton, which does the yummiest South Indian food around. I can’t even think about it, it was too good.

6. I came across the top image and I thought it was such a lovely sentiment, I googled the term and I found that Trust Your Struggle is actually/also an awesome collective of visual artists, educators, and cultural workers dedicated to social justice and community activism through the medium of art. As well as chalking their name across walls, they do other amazing stuff too – check them out. (Also… what a nice tattoo would this make…?)

7. Other cool stuff I came across this week was The Liberator Magazine, who started following me on twitter and I’m glad they did – I’m considering subscribing. Also, this great article on Grist about the relationship between green development in cities and gentrification. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about gentrification recently and I’ve love to explore it more. It is such a difficult issue and yet I can’t see a straightforward solution. Any ideas?

hanna  ♥

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