Super Sunday

30 Oct

Although today is super sunday, I am feeling thoroughly blue because today is my last day in Brighton. Tomorrow I hand over my keys, and cast myself out (back?) to London again. This is exciting in many ways, but I’ve had such a good year in Brighton in my little flat, and I am very sad to be leaving this chapter of my life behind. Having said that, I should really rally shouldn’t I? Otherwise I’ll just collapse into a pool of melancholy. So… IT’S TIME. TO FACE. THE SUPER STUFF.

1. These pictures of Heidi Klum dressed up as a monkey for Halloween are really quite good.

2. I just saw The Ides of March. Gosling puts in another excellent performance. Nail-biting, but also a depressing meditation on how the quest for power (rather than the acquisition of it) corrupts.

3. Speaking of power, it made me think of this picture that I found this week. The tshirt was designed by feminist artist Jenny Holzer in the 80s, and the wearer is the graffiti artist Lady Pink. I’d quite like to make my own tshirt.

4. Sweet potatoes roasted in maple syrup. Yep.

5. These pretty pictures at SF Girl By Bay are pretty super. I think my personal home-style gravitates towards this kind of thing. Lots of bright, warm colours and knick knacks.

6. I saw the new dance show Some Like It Hip Hop at Sadler’s Wells. It wasn’t perfect (this review hits the nail on the head) but it was still really enjoyable and Tommy and Lizzie from So You Think You Can Dance were in it, so I was happy!

7. This Observer article about the incredible man and photographer that is Giles Duley had me crying into my cake. Well worth a read.

hanna ♥


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