Super Sunday… on a Monday

21 Nov

1. What a weekend! It was my birthday on Saturday and I welcomed in my 28th year by going on a feminist Fawcett Society march, as is tradition (in my world). It was great! I paraded my cupcakes around, and Lauren and I made Alicia Keys and Beyonce – themed signs which made national news! This last picture was featured on p.14 of the Observer, and is on the Metro, Sky News, and Huffington Post websites so far! Woo! You can do so much with a piece of cardboard.

2. After that we headed to afternoon tea at the Dean Street Townhouse, which was incredibly yummy and way too cool for us. A perfect combination.

3. And THEN we went out, met friends, had a lovely time and somewhere along the way got mauled by glitter cats at Passing Clouds in Dalston. So all in all, an amazing way to celebrate 28 years on this planet!

4. I’m super excited about a couple of ace presents I received – a make a cloak workshop at The Papered Parlour, and a Kindle! I’m going to be browsing the Emily Books website straightway.

5. What else, what else? I went to a brilliant YTFN event last week where I heard about two projects that I’m going to start volunteering for! One is the London Bike Kitchen and one is the People’s Kitchen – check them out, they are making the world better.

6. Been listening to the Tune Yards. Well good, innit. Fun video too.

7. I have new hair! It’s a little more goldeny. Quite super.

hanna ♥


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