In the year 2012, 2012

8 Jan

2012 got off to a lovely start, with a couple of days up in Derbyshire for mountain walks, good food, good friends, good chats, and Bridget Jones (I somehow managed to watch it twice over Christmas. Didn’t mind. Also watched Pride and Prejudice… Firth quota for 2012 has already been met).

I’ve made all the usual resolutions – cook more, bike more, generally be all-round fantastic person. My one big resolution for this year though is to work hard and follow through all my professional goals for this year. I had an amazing time last year bringing together the East London Green Jobs Alliance – this year it’s all about delivery and making our vision reality. It’s tough in the current economic climate, but I am going to try my very best, and we’ll see what happens. I’m nervous, but excited for what this year will bring!

Here’s to an awesome 2012,

hanna ♥


One Response to “In the year 2012, 2012”

  1. Nathan Evans January 8, 2012 at 10:55 pm #

    Derbyshire is close by where I am (kind of) it’s a nice place 🙂 Happy new year to you! x

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