How is it April??

11 Apr

Hi! It’s been exactly a month! A full month. Sigh. I have been busy living (offline) life my friends, but I’m back. Most importantly, I need to tell you something work-related, which is that I have a little over 2 weeks to find at least 10 unemployed young people from East London who would like to enter a summer training programme in Construction Skills and Green Careers. If you know any young people, teachers, youth workers, community organisers etc in the East London area, then please read this link and pass on.

Thank you! I really hope that this will be a life-changing opportunity for the right people.

Okay, so that’s done. And now I shall try and sum up my past month in a nutshell of super:

1. This is what a Terry’s chocolate orange looks like in Japan.

2. I went to the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the Tate. It was beautiful and scary and you should definitely go see it.

3. I made easter nests with two of my favourite people!

4. This video is awesome. I got teary. I want an arcade.

5. This great TED talk by Jane Fonda just sent me into a Fonda spiral and I ended up reading all about her and the interesting life she’s led. JUST LOOK AT HER.

6. The day I went out in this outfit (lace tshirt, dungarees, milkmaid braids) my friend accused me of crimes against fashion. I thought I looked INCREDIBLE but now looking back on it… yeah. Although I don’t know if crimes against fashion really matter, do they?

7. I got obsessed with this song and can now play it on the ukelele. BAM!

Other offline activities have included: gigs, walks in parks, a LOT of japanese food, dressing up as a can of spam, french toast, conversations on the financial system, and a lot of little revelations. More please.

hanna ♥


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