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In the water where the city ends

11 Mar

One year since the tsunami and Fukushima. This beautiful video is a collaboration between singer Simone White and animator Hideyuki Katsumata. You can read an interview with them here.

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Music Monday

27 Jun

hallo! I had an unintended blog hiatus as have been all over the shop recently, getting into the new job, girls’ weekend in paris with my sister, and now have just got back from my first ever Glastonbury! It was immense! I saw so many amazing acts, and here is just a sample of my favourites.

I saw Leon Fender Walker in the Leftfield tent. He’s been taken under the wing of Billy Bragg, as part of the Jail Guitar Doors project and he was brill!

The Correspondents. Great video, great lyrics. Utterly INCREDIBLE live. This guy’s dance moves are something else.

And last but not least, Beyonce. I don’t know what to say. I stood for about 4 gajillion hours in the Pyramid field and through tenaciousness and perseverance made my way to the very front! It was so worth it.

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Radiation levels explained

15 Mar

Of all the things I have seen, this visual depiction of what dangers different radiation levels pose has really clarified for me what the situation is for both the people battling at the plant, and for my dad in Tokyo. It is currently 400 mSv an hour at the plant.

I also love how cute this is. Got to love the Japanese.

Rides A Bike

31 Dec

Thanks to Casper ter Kuile for alerting me to this amazing tumblr – Rides A Bike – featuring old Hollywood stars and their steeds. I am just dying to make like Grace Kelly and ride a bike side saddle. How ridiculously impractical and yet SUPER COOL.

Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

Audrey Hepburn

And speaking of bikes, applications for the 2011 Otesha Project cycle tours are now open! Sign up for the most fun (and most challenging) 6 weeks of your life!

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Tweet Cloud

22 Dec

Just did my tweet cloud and I love it! I think it’s pretty representative of the past couple of months (and of me)!

Off to Oxford tonight for Christmas, via London. A long trip ahead but I am loaded with lovely presents so expecting a good reception at the end of it! I got some really good news today (hence all the exclamation marks!!!) and will be blogging about it in due course…. oooh mysterious.

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Comments Policy

19 Dec

Just wanted to let people know that I have decided to develop a comments policy. So far, I have been accepting all comments but from now on this will change. I want everyone to know I LOVE LOVE LOVE comments, so please don’t be put off, and I very much welcome (on-topic and constructive) critique, questioning and criticism (as well as unbridled encouragement and adoration, obvs). However I will not be accepting comments that are:

– off-topic / irrelevant

– conjecture / nonsense (i.e. unsubstantiated claims, extraordinary claims without evidence)

– abusive (personal attacks, racism, homophobia, sexism, disablism etc)

– spam

Thank you!

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Get Yourself Seen

4 Nov

I received my first twitter death threat yesterday. Perhaps it is a sign I am going up in the world? Anyway, this was in response to me tweeting about the Bike Train in Brighton, which is a super cool way for me to get to uni in the mornings. Safe cycling with a group of people on a very busy road, with jazz being played on the speakers! Very civilized. So I was kind of bummed to think someone was so incensed by this sensible approach to safety that they would want to run me over and potentially shoot me. I reported it to twitter and the police though because I am completely overreacting to teach him a lesson. So there.

ANYWAY, in the spirit of safe cycling, here is an AMAZING retro video abut hi-vis vests I found over on the Otesha blog. As the nights draw in, get yourself seen!

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