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Uber Wednesday!

21 Sep

HELLO! We are not quite back to normal scheduling as I have the Alliance launch event tomorrow (woo!) and then I’m off to Paris for a few days on hols before returning to regular life again. But, I am stealing a few moments now to collate aaalllll the fun stuff I’ve come across or done and wanted to share over the past few weeks but haven’t had the time to! Here’s to uber wednesday.

1. If you are a teenage girl, have ever been a teenage girl, or know any teenage girls, you have to check out Rookie Mag. It’s an online magazine that I know I would have loved, loved, loved. Full of beautiful photoshoots like this one (don’t you just want to be in a girl gang?), musings, music, and advice, it’s just lovely. Read about Miranda July’s first feminist action here.

2. I’ve just finished Julia Child’s My Life in France and it might actually be one of my favourite books now! She was obviously an extremely funny lady, as you can see from these photos, and it made me want to run away and become a culinary chef.

3. I was very lucky to be a finalist in the Sheila McKechnie 2011 Campaigner awards this month, for my work with the East London Green Jobs Alliance! Check out the other finalists and winners, they are all amazing.

4. You have to listen to this, it’s only 6 minutes long and very funny. Starlee Kine’s mission to eliminate small talk from the world.

5.  I’ll be moving back to London in just over a month! I am so, so sad to leave Brighton and the loveliness that is the little nest I built for myself over the past year. But work and friends and new beginnings beckon, and these beautiful photos of our capital from What Katie Does are making me quite excited actually!

6. How to get out of a creative rut – Nextness.

7. GO SEE JANE EYRE. NOW. It’s so good.

8. I’ve been listening to the Diamond Mine album by King Creosote & Jon Hopkins on repeat.

9. I wrote another blog for 10:10 – Where are the green jobs?

10. I used my trusty KitchenAid to make these chocolate souffles when my sister came to visit. SO YUMMY. I made this vegetable paella for the main course. Now morbidly obese.

I’ll be back soon!

hanna  ♥


10:10:10 – Low carbon cupcakes

10 Oct

I looooove red velvet cupcakes and I like 10:10 so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone by making some low carbon cupcakes for 10:10:10 today! They are made with homegrown sugar, british butter and uh, a lot of red food colouring. YUM.

Happy 10:10:10! hanna ♥

That 10:10 video

2 Oct

Wowzas. That 10:10 Richard Curtis film, “No Pressure”, has stirred up quite a debate. (If you’re not sure what I’m talking about you can at least get up to speed with 10:10’s apology here.)

I don’t want to defend 10:10’s decision to go ahead with the film, I found it really hard to stomach myself and felt really a bit sick after watching it. I completely understand people who have been offended by it, or who simply don’t really know what the message was supposed to be.

But. I was very, very interested to observe today and yesterday, that quite a few of the requests asking 10:10 to take the video down referenced the bombs in Nigeria on Friday. For example, on twitter @AshleyRRB said: @1010 have scored an own goal with new campaign video. As events in Nigeria today show, blowing up people you don’t agree with isn’t funny.

Of course, I agree, blowing people up isn’t funny. It’s abhorrent, tragic, disgusting. But not one person mentioned why those bombs went off in Nigeria, which I think is important to note in this case, especially if we are to make such links.

The bombers were part of the militant group, Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (Mend). Mend come from the oil-rich southern delta, home to Africa’s biggest oil and gas industry, and have been fighting for years for a greater share of the oil revenues. The delta is also the location of huge environmental catastrophe, at the hands of companies such as ExxonMobil, BP and Shell, with oil spills and devastation that apparently dwarf even the scale of Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico. Massive corporations are going into countries like Nigeria, destroying the environment, taking the resources and then exporting them to the US, Europe etc and pocketing the profits. That is why Mend’s warning email about the bombs said, “For 50 years, the people of the Niger delta have had their land and resources stolen from them.”

I am in no way sympathetic to the actions of Mend or condoning them. It is devastating. But we are blind if we do not acknowledge that this tragedy is a clear example of the consequence of our relentless burning of fossil fuels (which is contributing to climate change) and exploitation of our natural environment.

If anything, the events in Nigeria on Friday should be spurring us on harder and faster to the clean energy future that we need, to prevent more awful incidents like these occuring. 10:10 might have missed the mark with their video, but the people that work there are some of the most hard-working, good-natured and good-hearted people I know. They are working towards the low-carbon future we need and they need more of us on board with that. That’s all they meant. And I think they’re right.

10:10:10 – A Global Day of Stripping

28 Sep

The European team at 350.org have made this hilarious video to persuade YOU to get involved with the 10:10 Global Day of Doing. If you haven’t heard of 10:10 or 350.org before, they are both ace organisations committed to raising public awareness of climate change and cutting our emissions.

Here is the supermodel video from last year that inspired the European team!

I would make some feminist gripe about women having to strip to bring attention to the issue, but considering that I have my own bicycle burlesque troupe, The Bicycle Belles, that would be kind of hypocritical. Yeah, I know. When you’re old enough, I’ll tell you.

hanna ♥