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Update on Otesha Canada & Andrew Wolf

24 Sep

You may have read my blog post about the tragic death of an Otesha Canada tour member, Andrew Wolf, last week. Well, just as an update, Elizabeth Fraser from Otesha Canada is calling for a favour in solidarity, so if you were affected at all by this event, read on…

The reason I’m writing you now is because today a beautiful idea from the Toronto Otesha crew emerged. Otesha tour members carry so little with them on our, but they do carry their Otesha T-shirts, which are presented to them at the end of training week. These shirts unite us all in a very special way – I have on many occasions made new friends simply by recognizing folks as Otesha members via their shirts.

We’re asking all Otesha members to send in a 2″x2″ square of their shirts, which will be sewn together as a quilt to send to Andrew’s family, to remind them that the Otesha community is uniting behind them. For those that don’t have Otesha shirts, we encourage you to send in a 2″x2″ square from another shirt or piece of fabric in solidarity.

We spoke yesterday to Andrew’s father, and he commented that the support they’ve felt this week has been incredible, but they are worried about how they will cope when this first wave of support slows. The idea is to send the quilt in 1-2 months time as a reminder of the constant support that we wish to provide.

I’m taking this opportunity to learn how to quilt, and the process will be documented on my 52 Projects blog – I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, if you’d like to send in a square of fabric, please either track me down, or mail it to:
262 Rusholme Road
Toronto, Ontario
M6H 2Y8

Please feel free to send this to anyone else who may want to contribute.

Also, the Otesha crew in London will be attending Critical Mass this evening in remembrance of Andrew. Do go along if you’re in town and join them – you’ll be able to recognise them by their shirts. 6:30pm, under Waterloo Bridge on the South Bank.

hanna ♥


Thoughts and love to Otesha Canada

17 Sep

We got some awful news at Otesha UK yesterday – a cycle tour member on an Otesha Canada tour (our kind of “parent” organisation) was killed in a collision with a lorry and two others are in hospital with what we believe are minor injuries. It is so, so sad and I can’t even imagine what the team over there are going through, so my thoughts and love go out to them and to the friends and family involved.

The person killed was a 23 year old man from Brooklyn, NY, called Andrew Wolf. I had never met Andrew or heard of him until yesterday, but I do know some things about him, as each person who signs up to an Otesha tour has these things in common: An incredible spirit. A thirst for adventure. A belief that the world can change for the better. A belief in themselves. Strong thighs, strong heart. A deep sense of morality. A smile. An inherent optimism and appreciation for people, beauty, nature, life. The ability to meet a stranger and soon enough, call them “family”. An open mind. A need to prioritise what’s important in life – people, experiences, contentment, our earth – over prestige or money.  A good sense of humour. An ability to laugh at themselves. Playfulness. A desire to connect with young people and pass on what they’ve learnt. A desire to stand up and be counted.

The world has lost another who was trying to change it for the better. Please, please, let’s do all we can to make cycling safer for ourselves and our loved ones.