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Putting the pro in procrastination

27 Aug

Well hello. When one cannot conceive of writing another word, of either a funding application or a dissertation, one ties things round her head.

I used the instruction in this tutorial and I was rather pleased!

Right. 4000 words to go…


Hold it flash bang wallop what a picture!

24 Aug

Oh dear oh dear. I’m not doing very well on the photo a day, am I? I have however written 10,000 words of my dissertation so far, so it’s swings and roundabouts!

Delving into the world of smoothie making – here is a banana-raspberry-blueberry-mango concoction.

Beautiful. Read it.

A post-dissertation sesh reward for myself.

On Brighton beach.

Amazing vegan mint choc chip ice cream from Aloka in Brighton. Good for us lactose-intolerants, you see.

Donning an incredible panama hat my grandpa gave to me. I love it!


All the pretty lights

10 Aug

When in doubt…

9 Aug

On the road

8 Aug

Channelling Marilyn

7 Aug

Clerkenwell Tales

4 Aug

Very lovely bookshop in Exmouth Market. Proceed with caution (i.e. only if you want to leave with an unrealistic reading list and a lighter wallet..)