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Super Sunday

30 Jan

1. This week has been SUPER cold, no jokes. I am officially out of love with winter, it’s overstayed its welcome. To warm up after a day outside yesterday, I listened to this amazing Fuel Theatre podcast by Kazuko Hohki which is part of the Everyday Moments project. This one was meant to experienced in the evening, in the bath (cue hilarious antics trying not to drown your ipod). It was really beautiful, I’d definitely recommend it, and I do love the idea of recreating all these mundane moments.

2. I saw both Black Swan and The King’s Speech this week. Black Swan was brilliant, if admittedly the most stressful experience of MY LIFE. The King’s Speech sees Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle (from the BBC P&P) reunited, so I was happy. He also needs to win that Oscar.

3. I met up with a girl from the super cool network So We Stand, who work against environmental racism and support local communities in standing up for themselves against injustice. Check them out, hopefully I’ll be getting involved in some way sooooon…

4. I’m a big fan of this jumper, worn by Tavi Gevinson of Style Rookie. I’ve put in a request to my knitting friend to make me one, but I think she may have to be bribed more extensively.

5. Wondering what exactly happened during the climate change negotiations in Cancun? No? Well… anyway, here’s a truly excellent video made by UKYCC which explains it brilliantly with the aid of hand puppets.

6. Brill picture doing the rounds from the Egyptian protests.

7. Been thinking this week about the coming year – what’s going to happen and what I want to happen. Nothing wrong with a little dreaming…

hanna ♥


I heart Christiana Figueres

3 Dec

Christiana Figueres has already featured as a Girl Swoon on this blog, but blimmin’ heck I HAVE to show you this video of her meeting the trackers from the Adopt a Negotiator project in Cancun. Yvo de Boer was a great Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, and was definitely always so supportive of the youth there and other civil society groups. But Christiana has just built on that and taken it to another level! She is such an inspirational woman, such a role model, she gets it. Honestly, this is the first time in a while I have been inspired by someone in a postion of power and not just utterly fucked off with them. It’s such a relief to know there are people like that out there representing!

Hoorah! Go Christiana!

Video courtesy of OneClimate

p.s. Talking of great people in power, check out this amazing speech by US Senator Bernie Sanders.

Yes we Cancun! (maybe)

30 Nov

Today is the first day of the UNFCCC negotiations in Cancun, Mexico. Want to follow what’s going on? Of course you do. First read this article by Kate Sheppard on Grist which gives a comprehensive analysis of what we should and shouldn’t expect over the next two weeks. Then follow these great links that will give you the lowdown as and when you want it.

Got any more good links? Leave ’em in the comments below!

Girl Swoon #9 – Guest Post

10 Oct

Well this is exciting! Girl Swoonery is spreading worldwide! My good friend Anna Collins (herself a featured Girl Swoon) has been at the UN climate talks this week in Tianjin, China. She met the new executive secretary of the UNFCCC, Christiana Figueres today and immediately christened her Girl Swoon #9. This post is cross-posted from Anna’s blog over on Adopt a Negotiator, a fantastic resource for anyone wanting an easy and understandable way of following the climate negotiations. Take it away Anna…

My friend Hanna has a great blog where she talks about all things climaty, crafty and feminist. As a regular feature she interviews girls who are doing amazing things and calls it girl swoon. This post goes out to her, with credit and thanks!

On the last day of UN climate negotiations it is rare to see the team grinning, laughing and optimistic. These talks have a way of beating that out of us over the course of a week, and this week definitely hasn’t provided us with much to smile about. We have seen stalling tactics being employed by many of the big players along with  a vicious circle of blame for lack of progress. We have seen constant bickering and boring sessions, negotiations consumed by process, never getting to the substance.

However this morning anyone passing the tracker booth would have seen the team in high spirits, smiling and laughing (which to be fair even in the hardest times we normally manage to keep up). But also optimistic, optimistic that the unfccc can and will achieve something.

The reason for this optimism? My new girl swoon, Christiana Figueres, new executive secretary of the unfccc.

This morning the team had a meeting with Christiana. We went it to it with the usual set of questions: How’s it going? What can we expect? What can we do to push the process forward? And we were expecting the usual answers: Progress is slow, we can expect a balanced package, you guys need to go home and push your governments.

Instead what we were treated to was half an hour with one of the friendliest and most inspirational people I have met in this unfccc world. Christiana was frank and honest with us about the negotiations and where we are, however she was also optimistic and passionate. Most of all she spoke with feeling and emotion, something so often lacking from this process and yet something so desperately needed. Continue reading

Join us and get organised: your planet needs you

9 Oct

This is cross-posted from Liberal Conspiracy

I first heard about Climate Rush in January 2009. I was despairing about the ability and intention of our world’s governments to do anything about climate change.

With the spectre of the Third Runway and Kingsnorth looming then, what a welcome invitation it was to attend a (very civilized) sit-in at Heathrow and show our dissent with tea, cake, blankets and Edwardian garb!

Almost three years have passed, the world has changed yet internationally climate change negotiations are still stuck. It’s the penultimate day of yet another UN climate change conference, and still nothing is expected to change.

The US and China (who emit 40% of man-made CO2 emissions) are at logger-heads again. It looks as though the talks in Tianjin will end leaving a shadow over COP 16 in Cancun this winter. Commentators suggest that when the Kyoto protocol runs out in 2012 our leaders will have nothing ready to replace it.

The failure of action on climate change, at the upper-most level of governance, is more than depressing. It is fatal. When I consider how impossible the fight for environmental justice seems it is only the victories of past ‘impossible’ struggles that inspires me to have hope.

Climate Rush model themselves on the Suffragettes. The Suffragettes, who, in their time, used many forms of campaigning and direct action to fight against the pressing injustices of their day. The Suffragettes, whose use of such tactics, made their fight for justice the pressing issue of their day.

In the past few months I’ve heard so many people say that they’ve given up on fighting climate change. It’s sad and a little ironic since it is these people who, if mobilized, could make their dissent felt. They’ve lost hope because our international leaders fail us with every UN conference that comes to pass. Three weeks ago, as the parties prepared for their conferences, I remembered the sit-in at Heathrow and wondered where that optimistic, grass-roots activism had gone.

Two days later and I was on Nick Clegg’s doorstep, asking Miriam (ever-so-politely) to accept a large dose of climate Viagra to help Nick get hard on climate change. After six months getting to grips with what the election results mean for UK climate campaigns, Climate Rush is back and they’re recruiting.

Last week a group of Climate Suffragettes stormed into the editor’s office of the Express and demanded a meeting. For half an hour they discussed climate science and how best to encourage the media to put climate change, the facts and their impacts, on the front-page.

The Suffragettes gave hundreds of thousands of women and men a role in fighting for the votes. Climate Rush promises the same in our fight for climate justice. The sashes – red, with ‘Deeds not Words’ across the front – are being sewn. The postcards – and guides to protest – have been printed.

The venue has been booked: 7pm, Wednesday October 13th at Toynbee Hall. Your planet needs YOU, so swallow your apathy and change the world.