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Super Sunday

13 Nov

1. I am quite a fan of this new band, Friends, partly because the name choice is hilarious and will reclaim the word from the decade-long sitcom, but mostly because the song is rahlly good.

2. The East London Green Jobs Alliance has funding for the next year! Woop!

3. I downloaded Summer Camp’s debut album, Welcome to Condale. It is brilliant, is inspired by 80s bratpack films and teenage angst, and has a song on it called Brian Krakow. WHAT COULD BE BETTER?

4. I am back in the saddle again. This morning I cycled in London for the first time in well over a year. Cycling and walking around Brighton has been a bit of a luxury this past year, so today I decided to investigate the quieter cycle paths around my new house and I reckon that I can piece together a nice long, chilled pootle to my offices. Image from weheartit.

5. Massive win this week for the No Keystone XL Pipeline campaign over in the states! The proposed pipeline would have been a huge boon to the very environmentally destructive Canadian tar sands industry. It was basically a done deal, but 3 months of incredible campaigning has resulted in Obama delaying the decision – yay! You can read more about it here.

“Yes, the Spice Girls were created to cash in on “feminism” and “girl power,” at a time when those things were popular. Yes, the “Girl Power” slogan ripped off Riot Grrrl—although, actually, the Spice Girls ripped off girl groups like Salt-N-Pepa or TLC far more than they did Pacific Northwestern indie culture. But do you know what it looks like when someone “rips off” girls being empowered? Well… it sort of looks like… girls being empowered.”

6. Great great great post – In Defense of the Spice Girls. Now I don’t feel so bad about going to see them when I was 14!

7. I am feeling a bit depressed about the fact that it looks like I’m intolerant not only to dairy, caffeine and alcohol, but also wheat. It’s hard to be a good baker when you can’t use wheat or dairy! It would be SUPER if anyone could point me to any good recipes / websites / or cookbooks that are friendly to a positively MONKish dietary requirement, and that actually taste good. Thank you!

hanna ♥


Super… Wednesday

9 Nov

hello! bit late and I don’t know what this means for this coming sunday when I’ll have already used up half the week’s superness…hmmm…

1. This is my friend Debs at the student demo today. It looked amazing, I wish I could have gone! Especially as it was my sister’s first demo as well! She loved it! Read more about what went down here.

2. I read a new blog post over at the East London Green Jobs Alliance on how to get started on your own green jobs programme.

3. Got my results, I am officially a master (mistress?) of science! Under the belt.

4. I love these style pics from Rookie Mag, which were taken at Salvation Mountain in the California desert, a crazy adobe monument built by ONE GUY called Leonard Knight. If you watch Into the Wild (great film) there’s a whole bit in it where he takes Kristen Stewart and Emile Hirsch on a tour around it. I’d love to see it one day.

5. The love affair with Mac lipsticks continues. This time it’s called New Temptation. Saucy.

6. On the 19th November (my birthday! more to come on that later… mwahaha) I’m going on the Fawcett Society march to protest against the dreadful impact the cuts are having on women. It’s a 50s dress-up theme as well, which is amazing. So come along!!! Or if you can’t, how about hosting your own Fawcett tea party instead? Watch the video above for instructions how!

7. And finally, yes, women’s rights, student fees, participatory democracy, the global financial system, and the keystone xl pipeline are all very important issues that have great campaigns surrounding them at the minute. But by far the best campaign out there is the one to get the Muppets hosting the 2012 Oscars. YES PLEASE OSCAR PEOPLE!

hanna ♥

Super Sunday

2 Oct

1. Super Sunday is back! I have really missed being able to sit and look back over the nice things that I’ve done or come across during the week, it’s like the fun version of a diary. So to begin, we have some pictures I took from my little hols to Paris. I’m quite proud of the one with the guys in tshirts, I really like it.

2. The launch event for the East London Green Jobs Alliance was a real success! Read more about it here. The picture is from some of us at Otesha mucking around and taking a photo for our annual report. Aren’t we cute?

3. What Girls Need – yes yes yes to everything on this list.

4. Mindy Kaling from the American Office is in this month’s Bust magazine and comes across so well, I might have a new girl crush. She’s also written a brilliant piece in The New Yorker on romantic comedies. Perfection.

5. I’m really feeling the girl love at the moment, and just feel so much appreciation and admiration for all the girls in my life. I’m coming over all Spice Girls. I also really want this tote bag! Meant to be available soon from girlgangzine.com.

6. Marilyn Monroe as silent film actress Clara Bow.

7. If you’re a child of the 80s I hope you’ve seen Teen Witch and I hope this truly EXCELLENT clip transports you back to what should rightly be one of the most brilliant moments of your life! I was literally weeping with laughter this afternoon.

hanna  ♥

Uber Wednesday!

21 Sep

HELLO! We are not quite back to normal scheduling as I have the Alliance launch event tomorrow (woo!) and then I’m off to Paris for a few days on hols before returning to regular life again. But, I am stealing a few moments now to collate aaalllll the fun stuff I’ve come across or done and wanted to share over the past few weeks but haven’t had the time to! Here’s to uber wednesday.

1. If you are a teenage girl, have ever been a teenage girl, or know any teenage girls, you have to check out Rookie Mag. It’s an online magazine that I know I would have loved, loved, loved. Full of beautiful photoshoots like this one (don’t you just want to be in a girl gang?), musings, music, and advice, it’s just lovely. Read about Miranda July’s first feminist action here.

2. I’ve just finished Julia Child’s My Life in France and it might actually be one of my favourite books now! She was obviously an extremely funny lady, as you can see from these photos, and it made me want to run away and become a culinary chef.

3. I was very lucky to be a finalist in the Sheila McKechnie 2011 Campaigner awards this month, for my work with the East London Green Jobs Alliance! Check out the other finalists and winners, they are all amazing.

4. You have to listen to this, it’s only 6 minutes long and very funny. Starlee Kine’s mission to eliminate small talk from the world.

5.  I’ll be moving back to London in just over a month! I am so, so sad to leave Brighton and the loveliness that is the little nest I built for myself over the past year. But work and friends and new beginnings beckon, and these beautiful photos of our capital from What Katie Does are making me quite excited actually!

6. How to get out of a creative rut – Nextness.

7. GO SEE JANE EYRE. NOW. It’s so good.

8. I’ve been listening to the Diamond Mine album by King Creosote & Jon Hopkins on repeat.

9. I wrote another blog for 10:10 – Where are the green jobs?

10. I used my trusty KitchenAid to make these chocolate souffles when my sister came to visit. SO YUMMY. I made this vegetable paella for the main course. Now morbidly obese.

I’ll be back soon!

hanna  ♥

Super Sunday

3 Jul

1. Glastonbury, as mentioned in my last post, was incredibly super. I was there as part of the panel for the Green Jobs and Sustainable Futures debate that was scheduled on Saturday in Billy Bragg’s Leftfield tent. I think it went really well, 150 people turned up (and stayed!), we got some good questions, and I got to talk about my work with the East London Green Jobs Alliance. Best bits though – Emmy the Great also being on the panel, staying afterwards to hear her and Billy Bragg sing, and the debate getting a brief mention in Tim Dowling’s column for the Guardian!

2. I am going to post some more pics later on this week, but Paris with my sister was so much fun. There was badly spoken French, cocktails at the Ritz, croques monsieurs, long walks, boat trips, book shops, the Eiffel Tower and macaroons. Beaucoup de good times.

3. We also had the fun adventure of meeting a crew of Parisien dancers and acrobats. They were amazingly talented and a couple of them are in this parkour (or free-running) video which shows them in the Forum des Halles. It’s made me reflect a lot on what makes good art, and what makes good protest. Of course, these aren’t necessarily the same thing, but both seem to require people who are willing to end their complicity with the norm, to take a moment to show others the inherent absurdity in the way we live, and what a different world could look like. Inspiring.

4. I have become a bit obsessed with photo booths, but we don’t have any of the old-school good ones in the UK. I have found this fun website though (cue me being incredibly silly in my living room).

5. Love these cameos carved from Oreo cookies! By artist Judith G. Klausner.

6. I was in Stoke Newington today and dropped by a local school fair with some friends for the tea and cake. One corner of the playground was devoted to loads of mini placards, in preparation for the “Mischief Makers Protest March” that was going to take place later in the afternoon. The kids had been encouraged to make placards about things they cared about and they were absolutely brilliant, ranging from the eco-warrior-in-training “Save the Tiger”, to the cute “I Love Golden Syrup”, to the weird “Don’t Destroy Daleks Dr. Who”, to the plain heart-breaking “Don’t Leave Mum”. The best had to be the massive “Let Children Teach” banner! A gorgeous idea all round, I wish I could have stayed to see them march around the playground.

7. A new Hummingbird Bakery has opened up near my offices off Brick Lane. Massive yay.

hanna ♥


9 Jun


Today was a very good day! I found out that I’ve got funding for the East London Green Jobs Alliance for the next 6 months! WOOOOOO.

So, my job over the next 6 months will be to meet with employers, unions, local councils, community colleges, community representatives, and young, unemployed people to put everything in place to create a green jobs “pipeline”. What we’re trying to do is to create a pathway into green employment for young, unemployed people in East London in either solar installation or energy efficiency. I met with a few organisations in San Francisco who were way down that road and had had inspiring results. One of those was Richmond Build. I was listening to a recording of our meeting with them the other day and I transcribed this quote from one of the programme participants, Kevin.

Kevin is 45, an ex-offender, and had just got his FIRST EVER job as a result of completing the programme.

“I give myself credit for one thing, but I mean I give the Build credit for really showing me smart things, they might not be big things but you put them all together and as you know it’s a real good program that gets you in stride to be able to start working consistently and feeling positive because I mean you don’t really have time for no negative. You get home, you’re tired, eat, go to sleep, wake up, it’s time to go back and you know, learn something else, do something else. It’s just repetitive like that and pretty soon you just love it. I’m like into it right now you know, so I’m on my first job ever, I’m happy, I’m a little nervous but I feel like if I need some advice I can always come back, it’s a family, so I call them and say ‘I’ve got a problem here, a problem there’. I know they’ll always be there for me. It’s a good thing, a good thing”. 

If I can make something like this happen for people in East London, I will be very, very happy.



Super Sunday

22 May

1. Well hellooooo. It would be foolish of me to pretend that this has been the superest of days because I have, in fact, spent the entire weekend thus far writing a funding bid for the East London Green Jobs Alliance and researching my dissertation proposal, also on green jobs. But if we’re being grateful and all, I guess I’d have to say that it’s very nice to have the freedom to spend time on an issue I really care about. Care about so much, apparently, that I have dreamt about it for the last three nights! Argh. I have however, been spicing things up by eating directly out of the nutella jar and dancing around my living room in my favourite heels.

2. Loved this style rookie post on Rayanne Graff from My So Called Life. I am on such a 90s kick at the moment.

3. If you look up “super” in the dictionary, you’ll get Ryan Gosling in a blue tuxedo at Cannes. It’s gorgeous. But Do Not Try This At Home. Sadly, you are not Ryan Gosling. I know. I wish you were too.

4. I’ve not been looking at tattoos so much lately, but this knuckle tattoo caught my eye on account of its general brilliance. If I was really drunk, I would get this. Thankfully, I don’t really drink all that much.

5. I am reading my way through Nearly 100 Fantastic Pieces of Journalism. This morning, I listened to Patriot Games by Ben Calhoun on This American Life, “An unsurpassed case study in how idealistic people who enter professional politics wind up compromising their values.”

6. This picture is super.

7. If you are on twitter, follow Yoko Ono. I don’t have to explain, do I?

hanna ♥