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4 Simple Goals – mega update no. 2

2 Dec

Okay, so one of my second goals was to craft more. I definitely haven’t done as much as I wanted to (that curtain material is still, well, material) but I did sew my friend a birthday present and I made another one an ipod cover, so not tooo shoddy. I did have big, mega plans to stock my folksy shop full of goodies, but that will have to wait till next year and after my 3 HOUR CLIMATE SCIENCE EXAM in January.

BUT. If people do want cute christmas decorations or stocking fillers I will make them to order! Visit the Shop tab at the top of the page, or click here! I’ve got two designs in the shop at the moment, but if you have anything special you want it to say, I can do that too. I can do anything!

hanna ♥


How to make a tetra pak wallet!

2 Sep

This evening was piles of fun, hosting Otesha’s first Fair Wears craft night at Drink, Shop & Do. So many people turned up! Jo was expecting to be able to finish knitting her sock, but no! We were rushed off our feet answering questions about juice cartons and it was fab. So, I bet you’re wondering how you turn a juice carton into a beautiful creation, like the one in the picture above? Well..

First you need some good instructors, like us Otesha laydeez (next Fair Wears wallet-making sesh will probs be Thursday October 7th).

Then, you need some clean tetra paks, with the top and bottom cut off. Fold in along the sides.

Then fold into three sections, like super speedy Laura here, get out the scissors and do some snipping to get it into shape. Good visual instructions can be found here (although instead of using staples, we just leave an extra flap that we can tuck in to hold the wallet together).

You can leave it there and look pretty cool and parade your beverage of choice when you whip out your wallet, or you can take it a step further and cover it with fabric and add a fastener. I got out the needle and thread and covered mine with a flowery scrap of fabric, added a retro button and some red string to fasten it all together.

Voila! It used to be a cranberry juice carton. How it has gone up in the world.

hanna ♥

Pretty paper

1 Sep

Jo is just outdoing herself everyday! I have already featured her here and here, but I had no choice but to snap her again today as she is wearing a necklace that she made out of newspaper. Want to make one yourself? Just grab a newspaper, cut out LOADS AND LOADS of circles of diminishing size and thread! Simple. Hers has lasted since 2005 (she doesn’t wear it in the rain). Were I to make it, I’d get a copy of the Financial Times for a pretty pink colour. See, the FT does have its uses. Don’t say you never learn anything from me.

hanna ♥

A nice bit of skirt

18 Aug

This is Jo who I work with at The Otesha Project – she came in today and announced that she had MADE this skirt she is wearing out of old material squares that she found. Isn’t she cute?

We have a running joke that Jo is very good with her hands, but it’s true. She didn’t follow a pattern, she just “made it up” apparently. Unfortunately, I believe her. The mind ACTUALLY BOGGLES. I’m going to make her take it off tomorrow so I can inspect it thoroughly, never mind if that isn’t office decorum.

By the way, in the background of the pictures is our carpark garden! We use our allotted parking space to grow tomatoes, basil, rocket and rosemary, amongst other things, cos that’s how we roll.

hanna ♥

Super Sunday

15 Aug

This is the first installment of the weekly Super Sunday feature! Doesn’t it sound… super? I’m aiming to introduce a couple of features over the coming weeks. If there is anything you are just dying for me to write about on a regular basis, just let me know in the comments below! So back to the matter at hand, Super Sunday is all about looking back over the week and picking out those things (one for every day) that make me happy and that I think are super. Simple. Simple Super Sundays.

1. I love Nan Lawson’s illustrations. This one bears an uncanny resemblance to me here dontcha think? I want it!

2. I went to see Earthquakes in London at the National with my friend Robin on Friday night. It covered climate change, the coalition government, burlesque and time travel. I thought it was brilliant (apart from some sketchy futuristic cheesiness at the end), incredibly well-staged and so well acted. Especially Bryony Hannah in the role of Peter.

3. My new espadrilles. It’s like wearing slippers outside.

4. The monthly Market Days craft fair that happens here in Stoke Newington is seriously super. I just realised I will have moved by the next one! Oh.

5. I found this picture here yesterday, apparently it’s from a 70’s sanitary towel advert. The expression on her face makes me laugh hysterically. The slogan on her tshirt makes me laugh in that bitter way that old people do when they ruefully shake their heads and tell you you’re going to hell in a handcart. LOL.

6. In honour of number 2 on my 4 simple goals list I’ve been collecting inspiration for my new flat. I love this photo, apparently the sign cost less than £20 to make and is made of cardboard, paint and stickers. Amaze.

7. The man at the front of the picture is Clayton. He is an amazing activist from the Mathais Colomb Cree Nation in Canada, who works as the Tar Sands Campaign organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network, amongst a gazillion other things. I made a short film featuring him last year in Copenhagen, and was lucky enough to meet him earlier this year. He is truly inspirational. This weekend, he and others from indigenous communities around Canada who are being affected by the tar sands, took part in a Healing Walk in Fort McMurray, home to the Athabasca oil sands. They are suffering from highly elevated cancer rates, disruption of traditional ways of living, the threat of relocation and yet they still have the strength to stand up in the face of massive corporations and of all things, heal. Superheroes.

p.s photo copyright of Stop the Tar Sands