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Get felt up

4 Feb

I’ve been getting my craft on of late and it feels really good to cover everything in felt for some reason. Also, this morning I logged into my email and I have been featured on another Folksy Friday! This time on the Little Paper Gallery blog (top left). So cute, and it’s definitely spurring me on to keep making. Thanks Little Paper Gallery!

Here are some of the fruits of my felt-cutting labours last night. The material looks cute, but I have some subversive slogans in store… mwah ha ha. I can’t wait to get sewing and show you all!

hanna ♥


I’m back!

16 Jan

Just like Britney.

And I think my exam went okay! The upside to all of that stress is that I think I can pretty confidently explain the major processes and factors that go into determining climate models and making projections and all that stuff, as well as past climate changes, which is exactly what I wanted. But don’t ask me about it, for like, a month. I am tired.

I have just had a glorious weekend though with friends in Oxfordshire to perk me right up! There was baking, walking, singing, games, veritable feasts, and putting the world to rights *contented sigh*.

I also had a lovely surprise this week when Little Daydreamers featured my folksy shop on her blog! I am ever-so-flattered, and think this might be the time to pick up needle and thread again.

While I’ve had a bit of a blog-break, I’ve been thinking a little bit about it and might (gasp!) make a move over to tumblr. This would indeed involve a bit of hassle, but I think the format might suit me a bit better. Has anyone out there had any experience with tumblr?

Anyway, must go to bed as have a packed day tomorrow!

hanna ♥

4 Simple Goals – mega update no. 2

2 Dec

Okay, so one of my second goals was to craft more. I definitely haven’t done as much as I wanted to (that curtain material is still, well, material) but I did sew my friend a birthday present and I made another one an ipod cover, so not tooo shoddy. I did have big, mega plans to stock my folksy shop full of goodies, but that will have to wait till next year and after my 3 HOUR CLIMATE SCIENCE EXAM in January.

BUT. If people do want cute christmas decorations or stocking fillers I will make them to order! Visit the Shop tab at the top of the page, or click here! I’ve got two designs in the shop at the moment, but if you have anything special you want it to say, I can do that too. I can do anything!

hanna ♥

Notting Hill Carnival

30 Aug

A couple of weeks ago I laid out my 4 Simple Goals to achieve before the end of the year. Learning how to use my camera was goal number one! I dusted it off and had a good snap at Climate Camp, but today I actually read the manual and had a ball clicking away at Notting Hill Carnival. Here are some of my favourites. I especially liked seeing all the luxury shop fronts all boarded up and graffitied in preparation for the carnival madness and not so posh for a day.

I hope you’ve all had a great bank holiday weekend!

hanna ♥

4 Simple Goals (before 2011…..)

14 Aug

Part of my inspiration for starting a personal blog has been getting ridiculously into a few girl-bloggers over in the States, who blog about everything that I love – namely crafting, pretty things and enviable lives. One such blog is Elsie Flannigan’s A Beautiful Mess. She recently started up a “simple goals” project to complete before the end of the year, and I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon, especially as it would be good to have some small and achievable things in my head as I move cities and start afresh.

1. Learn to use my camera properly – My Dad got me an amazing digital camera a while ago for my birthday and although I’ve taken some wicked photos on it, I haven’t put the time in to ACTUALLY understanding how it works or making use of all the features, and so I’m not using it as much as I could. So I will be taking more photos!

2. Make a nice nest – I am moving to Brighton in T- 3 weeks. Arrrghhh. I have found a really lovely little flat which is a little eccentric and full of 70s furniture, and I think I can make it into a great little home and haven for myself. So I will be unleashing the decorating demon within. I will definitely be making this wall out of clipboards, inspired by another great blog, Smile and Wave.

3. Craft more – Last year, I made an online shop and crafted some incredibly cute (if I say so myself) plushies to sell and fundraise for my trip to the Copenhagen climate change conference. I got SO excited when I sold my first thing to a total stranger. Because I’ve been so busy this year though, I haven’t made time to craft at all really, and the shop stands sad and empty. That will change!

4. Wear lipstick – This is a stupid goal, but I like it. This year is going to be a lipstick year. I’m going to be walking around Brighton and people will turn and say “who’s that cool girl wearing lipstick”? Yep. That’s the idea anyway. What?

Welcome to my new blog!

10 Aug

Hallo! Thanks for visiting my new blog. If I could give you tea and biscuits to help you enjoy your stay, I would, so just know that. I created this blog because recently I have found myself writing stuff for a few different sites and plan to do more, so I thought it made sense to collect all my thoughts in one central spot. So far, I have mostly written about environmental and social justice issues (you can check out my past blogs in the archives), but I like other stuff too, so come back for your crafty / feminist / pretty things / music fix. I will be tweaking a few things as I go along and get used to all this stuff, and would love to hear your feedback – so leave comments or get in touch at hannamade@gmail.com, it would be great to hear from you!

hanna ♥