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Best Coast

14 Aug

I don’t know where this whole “noise-pop” genre has come from (this makes me sound v. old, doesn’t it?), but I am enjoying it muchly. Here is Best Coast. Le sigh.

Fun fact – this very cool band loved eating at Marks & Spencer when they were touring the UK. ???


Jingle all the way

10 Aug

I first heard Sleigh Bells’ album back in June and I was completely obsessed straight away. It was the first time in a while that I’d heard something new and original that made me want to run away and become a rock star, nevermind my age, talent or ability. So, imagine my delight when my flatmate Anna told me about their free gig happening at Rough Trade off Brick Lane this evening! It was a-mazing. Alexis Krauss (lead vocalist) is my new girl-crush. Feisty, beautiful, raw, talented and covered in GREAT tattoos. Girl swoon.

If you haven’t heard them yet, just listen to this.