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Slutwalk London

22 Sep


End of the Road

9 Sep

Last weekend, I made it down to End of the Road festival, camera in hand. Here are the results. The bands below are Peggy Sue, Alt-J, Jeffrey Lewis, Patti Smith and Snakedragon. Patti Smith was great! She ended her set saying “Have a fucking beautiful weekend, have a fucking beautiful life! Be strong, work hard, be free! Be free!” Ok, Patti, ok.

Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way!

16 Aug

The quote is from Dr. Seuss. The pictures are from a wonderful weekend in Derbyshire where there were mountains, good food, bluegrass, dancing, a bonfire, and lots of silliness. So, so nice! If only life could always be thus! I am now back to reality and nose to the dissertation. 14,000 words to go…

Super Christmas Sunday

26 Dec

Merry Christmas! Hope you all had a splendid day, I am feeling pret-ty full.

My super seven this week are:

1. Finishing my essay on personal carbon trading. Wooohooo! It only took me about four gajillion hours.

2. Meeting Jon Ronson at Josie Long’s christmas party! Awesome. He is very nice. Read my favourite Jon Ronson article here.

3. Finding out I’ve got a place on a research trip in the spring to San Francisco! (That was my good news the other day). IPPR are organising it and we’re going to be visiting lots of people and organisations who work on green jobs, which will be invaluable for my work with Otesha and for my dissertation too.

4. Getting to have Christmas lunch with my grandparents and learn all sorts about our family history. Don’t ask me about Uncle Andy.

5. Getting Miranda series 1 from my brother for Christmas. Such fun! Plus lots of other lovely pressies.

6. Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.

7. Documenting Christmas Day…

hanna ♥

Super Sunday

31 Oct

1. Robin came to Brighton this weekend which was very nice. We watched Dangerous Minds (she’s a teacher), went to the beach and had milkshakes at the American diner (take that lactose intolerance!)

2. We also used my new griddle pan to make beautiful raspberry pancakes from the cookbook Spooning with Rosie. Nom nom nom.

3. This article by Johann Hari on how protest works is pretty super-spectacular. Great read.

4. Came across this amazing blog – Pictures of Muslims Wearing Things. Muslims wear things. Get over it. (via Casper ter Kuile)

5. Robin went to Sweden this week and took this photo – I liked it.

6. I went to see The Social Network, which was brilliant. Written by Aaron Sorkin, it has a very West Wing feel to it. I read a v. good article by Laurie Penny in The New Statesman about it too (I’m getting very into Laurie Penny..).

7. Discovered Frank Turner and think he’s top notch. Love this song, especially in light of the cuts protests this weekend!

hanna ♥